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Visiting a big city can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons. One of the main ones is having to get to grips with the local public transport system. Each one has its own special quirks, rules and customs. Here we’ve put together all the information you’ll need about public transport in Krakow,. Our mission is to help make your trip as stress-free and relaxing as possible!

Krakow has an excellent public transport system. The most popular way to get around is by tram and bus. However, city ​​bike and scooter rentals are becoming increasingly popular.


There are currently 22 tram lines. The number in service at any given time can vary depending on track repairs, which can result in temporary replacement lines being put into operation.


The city operates well over 150 bus lines, many of which also go to suburban areas outside Krakow itself. They are a great way to visit places of interest out of the city centre, such as the monastery in Tyniec.


Krakow is divided into three zones: I, II and III. Zone I covers the Krakow city limits. Zones II and III cover the surrounding districts – hence the differences in the ticket prices. When travelling outside of Krakow on a city bus, check that your ticket covers the relevant zones.


Tickets are the trickiest part of travelling around Krakow. Why? Because simply buying a ticket and having it on you isn’t enough to avoid a fine if it isn’t validated. It’s therefore very important to validate each ticket in the ticket-validating machines whenever you get on board (though only once for the multiple-use tickets).

Ticket types and prices:

20-minute – 4 PLN normal / 2 PLN reduced

60-minute or single trip – 6 PLN normal / 3 PLN reduced

90-minute – 8 PLN normal / 4 PLN reduced

24-hour – 17 PLN zone I and 22 PLN zone I+II+III normal / 8,50 PLN zone I and 11 PLN zone I+II+III reduced

48-hour – 35 PLN normal for all zones  / 17,50 PLN reduced for all zones 

72-hour – 50 PLN normal for all zones  / 25 PLN reduced for all zones

7-day ticket – 56 PLN for zone I and 68 PLN for zones I+II+III regular / 25 PLN for zone I and 30 PLN for zones I+II+III reduced

Weekend family ticket – 25 PLN for groups of 1-7 people (2 adults max), valid only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Tickets can be purchased via the app or at ticket machines located next to the many bus and tram stops, and on most buses and trams. However, it’s generally advisable to buy the tickets before boarding! The machines in the vehicles often take only small coins and it’s not always possible to pay with a card or banknote. It used to be possible to buy tickets from the driver, but that practice has now been discontinued.


How to get from Krakow airport to the city centre by public transport? 

By bus

Krakow Airport is served by three regular bus lines: the 208, 209 and 252, as well as the 902 night service.
Tickets can be bought at the ticket machine in the passenger terminal (arrivals hall, level 0). There are also ticket machines at the airport bus stop or on the buses themselves.

Ticket prices:
20-minute – 4 PLN normal / 2 PLN reduced

60-minute or single trip – 6 PLN normal / 3 PLN reduced

90-minute – 8 PLN normal / 4 PLN reduced

*60 minutes is enough time to get to Krakow Old Town.

By Train 

Krakow Airport train station is located near the passenger terminal (connected to the terminal by a footbridge).
Train number SKA1 | Kraków Airport – Kraków Main Station – Wieliczka Marketplace Salt Mine.

Ticket prices:
Kraków Airport – Kraków Main Train Station: 12,00 PLN

luggage: free of charge

dogs: 3,00 PLN


The most popular apps are JakDojade and MPK Mobile. Both of them offer bus and tram timetables as well as a route search. JakDojade also has an option where you can buy tickets and validate them online.

Jakdojade: Android, iOS
MPK Mobile: Android

Using public transport is the cheapest way to get around in Krakow. And if you’re going to be travelling on a budget, you might also be interested in checking out where to find some cheap Polish food.

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